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Cuisine and Company Food & Wine Tour 2015 Soi 4


…sexy atmosphere, gorgeous wines, beautiful food… count me in, again and again!


“Soi” is a Thai word for side streets or alley ways which, together, form the essential life line that makes up the fabric of Bangkok city. Like the city, our menu is a modern take on the traditional through the use of fresh local ingredients, sustainable practice, and creative approach to authentic Thai dishes.

…influenced, accented, tinged, anything but ‘fusion’. We like to see it as a beginning of something interesting.

Critic’s Choice For Best Thai Restaurant 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

by AZ Republic

Sampling of Soi 4 Small Plates

paupia Crispy vegetable rolls 7
miang kum Fresh cut mustard leaf wrap of roasted coconut, prawns, pomelo, fresh herbs, & sweet palm dressing 8
kao pode tod Thai spiced corn cakes with cucumber relish 8
keow wan roti Pan-fried Indian bread and grilled skirt steak served with green curry dipping 9
kanom pak gard Sauteed steamed turnip cake, egg, bean sprouts, & chives served with Sriracha sauce 8
gai satay Grilled marinated chicken on bamboo skewers (3) with ‘satay’ peanut sauce 8
kieow tod Pan-fried shrimp and chicken dumplings served with Thai ginger soy 9
kieow pu Steamed Thai pork wonton served with baby bok choy and blue crab meat 9
thai taco Pan-seared ‘paratha’ Indian flatbread with braised beef shortrib, cucumber, carrots, and chili 9
plamuk tod Thai fried calamari with sweet Sriracha-chili vinaigrette

8787 North Scottsdale Road

Suite 104, Scottsdale, AZ