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For four years, Deb Perelman has been blogging her cooking pursuits from her tiny New York City kitchen as a newlywed and then as a new mother.

For starters, this blog is one of the most professional and visually arresting out there. Matt Armendariz is a photographer, cook and blogger who gets to travel around the world and we get to go with him. /

Andrew, a food photographer, and Carrie, a food stylist, are a husband and wife team who share, quite simply, their culinary collaborations—food, styling and image. Their blog entries are generally short, letting their awesome images and recipes stand for themselves.

Molly Wizenberg’s blog is a food diary about what she eats, cooks, spies in other kitchens, and all the memories and experiences that go along with it. She starts out in Paris in July 2004, falls in love (with a reader), moves to Seattle, starts a Brooklyn-style pizzeria there called Delancey, and continues writing her wonderful entries to this day

David Lebovitz is a recognized pastry chef living in Paris. If you need a perfect recipe for any pastry—a cookie, a pie, a brownie—this is the blog to find it.

Joy’s blog is not a cook’s blog but a foodie’s blog. A graphic designer, she has a great eye for color and style and I go to her to check out her most recent finds for the kitchen and for the dining table.

The foodie/photographer pairing in the blog world is a common one, but no one does it better than Katie Quinn Davies, a self-taught food stylist and photographer living in Sydney, Australia.

Aran Goyoaga is a food writer, stylist and photographer who grew up in a pastry shop in the Basque region of Spain. A few years ago, she started experimenting with a gluten-free diet and eventually made the full switch (to much better health).

Tastespotting is today’s antidote to those piles of recipe cut-outs that encroach upon your space, in your kitchen drawers, and in piles around the house. The site, curated by Sarah Gim, hosts thousands of food and drink recipes offered up by hundreds of home cooks and bloggers around the globe.

Being a good working parent is hard enough; mix in cooking for the family, and you’re in for a challenge. Yet, somehow we manage. John Donohue’s blog, about being a working-and-going-home-and-cooking-dad, isn’t about having all the answers but about managing. His posts are about the everyday (with its successes and failures) through stories about food for his cleverly renamed wife and two daughters, Santa Maria, Nina and Pinta.

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