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What a fun thing to do on a Saturday afternoon, dropping by Township 7 for a leisurely wine tasting with friends and to meet new friends. I had the pleasure of chatting with Winemaker, Bradley Cooper while I was there. What an interesting guy to talk to.

The first thing I asked him about was the roses at the end of each row of grapevines. I had seen this in Sonoma Valley. The rose bush is susceptible to the same fungal diseases as grapevines, mainly downy and powdery mildews, and their planting is supposed to give an early indication of a fungal attack and allows the winery to apply curative chemicals to the vines. (canary in the mine idea)

Brad told us about the grapes that were unuseable for wine making this year due to our poor weather. Township 7 donate the grapes to Critter Care, where the abandoned and injured Bears and other wild life gobble them up.,

I was thinking it would be great fun to incorporate Township 7 experience to create an extra special dinner party. Have your guests arrive late afternoon, drive together to the Winery for a wine tasting and pairing for your menu. Pick up your wines for the evening and you’ve got a memorable dinner party!

Did you know Township 7 was where one of White Spot’s commercials were filmed? My friend executive chef Chuck Currie came over for Thanksgiving dinner after filming at the winery and brought several bottles of their wine. This was my first experience tasting the wines and was hooked!

Lastly, Wine Maker Bradley Cooper introduced us to his personal wine BLACK CLOUD, Altostratus. A yummy complex, Pinot Noir. I am not normally a Pinot fan, but this wine was so interesting from the earthy nose that caught my attention to the hint of black cherry and smokey finish, lots of layers in this beautiful bottle of wine. I had to pick up a bottle to share with special friends. ($27.00 cash only) Do drop by Township 7 one weekend! Chef Marilyn Pearson

Bradley Cooper, Winemaker
Brad began his wine career at Hawthorne Mountain Vineyards in 1997, he then honed his skills in New Zealand and Washington State. After several years gaining experience and producing award-winning wines at various wineries, he joined Township 7 in 2005. He had early success at the winery and his 2006 Reserve Chardonnay Harmony One was chosen Best Chardonnay in Canada at the All Canadian Wine Awards in 2008 and his wine subsequently has been honoured with awards from major competitions across North America. He is an avid social media enthusiast and has presented at numerous conferences.