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The Olympic Opening Ceremony Celebration at White Rock Community Center

February 12, 2010

What an amazing community the City of White Rock is! As a community we are so committed to our sea side town and a perfect example of this was the celebrations that surrounded the Olympic Torch relay as it passed through White Rock.
I had the honor of being one of the committee members of the Spirit of BC for White Rock. Our task for the past year has been to help bring the Olympic spirit to the area by way of distributing funds for different celebrations and events. It has been a real treat for me to see all the efforts of so many people come to fruition in the last week.

Friday February 12, 6pm

When I walked in to set up my table at the White Rock Community Center I couldn’t believe the excellent job that Russ Davies and Cyndi Richards of the White Rock BIA had done with the funding that they received from the Spirit of BC committee. Local community business’ also came together to donate their services to make this a truly Olympic experience.

The room was gorgeous with cocktail tables covered with red and white linens and topped with tall beautiful floral centerpieces. There were two big screens to watch the opening ceremony on along with several more in different areas of the community center. There were seven top local restaurants that set up tables and donated food for this special event. Each different table represented a different country. Cuisine & Company represented France.

Since I am part French-Canadian and my Chef Eric is French we decided to make the classic French dessert Croque en Bouche. This incredible dessert is usually served at special occasions and consists of profiteroles that are filled with cream and piled up in a cone shape and then covered with spun sugar. The name Croque en Bouche translates to ‘crunch in the mouth’.

Wow!!! What a mess, don’t try this at home! Actually, go ahead, but don’t blame me for the mess! Spun sugar in French translates to ‘make a huge mess in your kitchen’ ; ).

The whole process was well worth it, as it was a lovely spectacle. Mayor Catherine Ferguson was on hand to take the first profiterole. Then MLA Gordie Hogg took the top half of the Croque en Bouche and walked around and feed the crowd.

…and by the way, the Opening Ceremony was simply outstanding!