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The Olympic Torch Relay & The Royal Hudson Steam Train

February 8

Rene Duson and his team had the majestic Royal Hudson Steam Train come to White Rock beach, where it stopped in front of the White Rock Museum. Hundreds of people were there along with the Spirit of BC committee to welcome the steam train and it’s passengers to White Rock.

It was a personal thrill for myself to witness my son and his friend see the Hudson from above as it traveled under the overpass walkway at Crescent Beach where the Fire Department came out to top up the Royal Hudson. The train then crossed the border into America to turn around before heading off to its next destination the following day.

February 9, 6:31am

The torch came through South Surrey and White Rock surrounded by Olympic fanfare. It was so much fun to see the thousands of people out lining 152nd street all the way down to the beach celebrating the Olympic spirit.

My friend Patty and her two boys were going to go down to the beach but decided to stop at 16th and 152nd. We were there as two shuttles came through with maybe a couple dozen torch bearers on-board. There were also two Coke trucks that pass by, which made the parade all that much more spectacular. The torch bearer was the next to pass. I am not sure who he was, but by the look on his face I could tell that he couldn’t be more proud. The procession lasted maybe fifteen minutes and then we were off for the pancake breakfast at the new Community Center on Russell!

February 9, 7:00am

The White Rock Fire Department pancake flipper extraordinaire was caught off guard when dozens of Olympic revelers started to arrive at the new White Rock community Center half an hour early. They fired up the BBQ’s and where ready in no time at all. There were some former Olympians on hand signing flags and cards as we filed in for the pancake breakfast. The hordes of volunteers served us drinks, fruit and pancakes while the youth orchestra played. This hospitality really made it worthwhile for those of us who were motivated to get up so early.