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Preserving your own Seeds

A member of my staff/master gardener, Karen Wiegert, is always giving me helpful tips for my garden.

Pansies: Pick the pansy “hips” once the petals have dropped and dry them.  I put them in a zip lock bag and leave it open until they dry completely. Then I shake the bag and the seeds fall out.  I will then put the seeds their husks and leave them until next year.

Tomatoes: I’ve done the same with the favorite tomato plants from this year.  I sliced the tomato open and left it to completely dry outside. I then put the whole tomato in a zip lock bag.  Karen said to plant the dried tomato in the ground next spring. I’ll do just that, Thanks Karen!

Fruit Flies: Since we’re talking about tomatoes, we might as well talk about fruit flies.   They were out of control this year! One of my clients, Wes Colling, gave me a great tip.  We all put the bowl of wine out for them to “swim in”, but he goes a step further. By tightly wrapping the bowl with saran and pocking tiny holes in it the flies go in and stay in.  Thanks Wes!!