Marilyn’s Blog

My Winter Garden

It looks a little bleak outside at the moment, but there is still wonderful things happening in my garden!

The leeks are still growing, so I would suggest pulling them out and re-planting them in the back in the ground. This stops the growing process and preserves them for you for the winter.  There are still beets, globe artichokes, fingerling potatoes, Indian carrots along with the acorn and spaghetti squash.

I had an acorn squash for thanksgiving dinner.  I cut it in half and baked it at 350 with cut side down on a baking sheet until I could puncture the skin with a fork.  I served them in their shell and my boys couldn’t believe there was NOTHING on them; the flavor was out of this world.

The rainbow Swiss chard is gorgeous at the moment. Some of the leaves are a blackish deep purple color with bright purple and pink stems.  The tiny in my garden beets seem to get sweeter with the cold weather.I’ve planted cold weather lettuces (merlot, Amish deer tongue, darkness, romaine freckles) and leeks and Kale (Osaka White and dark red Redbor). All of which came from seed that I propagated indoors. Once they were a few inches tall I planted them in the garden.  They look very happy, stay tuned, it’s not like I know what I’m doing!

Patricia Gall, one of Cuisine and Company’s Chefs, transformed our garden dill, sage, carrots and beets into culinary masterpieces. Please stay tuned for our new winter menu!