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MASON BEES! bzzzzz

Last year I was hand pollinating my zucchini flowers every morning!  We only had one fat bumble bee pollinating our neighborhood flowers.  Last fall I ordered non stinging Mason Bees from Birds Unlimited on 24th & KGBV South Surrey.  You don’t have to buy the larva.  You can just put out a bee house and the bees will come! (apparently)  Or watch this video and see how you can help propagate the bee population (in a less expensive way) and create a beautiful pollinated garden!

Remember to keep fresh filtered water in a shallow pasta type bowl with stones in the bottom, for your bees and birds throughout the year and especially in the hot summer months.  I water my garden with filtered water as well.  Flowers and plants are much happier!

Try to plant at least one vegetable in a pot on your deck.  Lettuce prefers the colder weather and is easy to grow.   When harvesting, take your scissors and cut the top 2/3rds of the leafy plant.  This way it will continue to produce for at least 4/5 trimmings.    At least you know you’re having one food that is full of nutrients!  You can throw it in your smoothies or freeze it in zip lock bags and crumble once frozen taking up less space in your freezer.  Then throw some frozen greens into you smoothie!  Happy Gardening!  Healthy Living!