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Jamie Oliver is heading to the World Health Assembly. What do you want him to ask?

Jamie is heading to the World Health Assembly to meet health ministers from around the world on Monday. What do you want him to ask?

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 Chef Marilyn’s Question/Comment
Its wonderful to eat more vegetables, however, with modern intensive agricultural methods,  minerals are being stripped from the soil leaving the vegetables stripped of much needed minerals for healthy brain and body growth.  Perhaps include support for organic farming that enriches the soil.
In the meantime, include magnesium and/or multi vitamins in your child’s (and adults) and/or organic or homegrown diet to make up for lost minerals only obtained thru healthy dirt.
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Jamie Oliver

Hey guys I’m going to the World Health Organization (WHO) on Monday to meet with Health Ministers from all over the world.

Tell me what YOU want me to ask them and what you’d change to stop child obesity and undernourishment.
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