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Transplanting Basil


Transplanting Basil with clippings from the original plant is easy

Unless you’re a master gardener, Basil is a bit tricky to grow.

How to have a few more plants on the go before inevitably ‘lose’ the original plant.

Take a sharp pair of scissors and trim a healthy stem of basil leave 1″ above the next bunch of baby leaves

Place that stem in a shot glass of filtered water.  Change this water every few days.  Within a week or so you’ll start to see

little roots growing.

Once these roots become a 1/2″ long or so, replant into clean organic soil.

Careful not to over water your basil plant or the stems will turn black and die.

Try to water every day around the edge of the plant.  They love south facing direct sun.

Good luck!  It’s worth the effort