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From Diner to Distinguished Chef

Before establishing Cuisine & Company in 1996, company president and award-winning executive chef Marilyn Pearson didn’t know how to cook. Self-admittedly, she and her husband dined out for every meal. That was until a restaurant maître d’ shamed her on their dining frequency; they had returned for dinner after having eaten lunch there the same day. Humiliated by his observation and her lack of home cooking skills, admirably, it only ignited her resolve. Mentored by some of Vancouver’s top chefs at the prestigious Dubrulle International Culinary and Hotel Institute of Canada, Marilyn learned how to cook; event planning came soon after.

“Early on in my career, while catering a wedding, someone told us we ran out of food, which of course is the worse possible thing that can happen at an event,” explains Marilyn. “We realized the emcee missed inviting some of the tables to the buffet; half the guests hadn’t eaten. When they decided to go up on their own, the first group had already had seconds. That was the turning point; I got into event planning so I could be more in control of the success of the event.”

“Success comes from helping someone else become successful.”– Marilyn Pearson, president and executive chef

This exquisite cheese platter is just one of your options for a classy, catered event by Cuisine & Company.

From Intimate to Extravagant

Over the past 18 years, Marilyn has learned how best to bring the finest food along with visionary design to the plates of her Metro Vancouver clients. Armed with the belief that catering is much more than just food, Marilyn is still “creating magic,” as she calls it, dazzling her clients with exquisite menus and stylish décor.

“I believe in the ‘eye feast’ first; it’s how I plan events,” reveals Marilyn. “Food is my medium and I use all the senses. The guest’s first experience is with their sight, followed by scent, then sound. It’s a complete package and every detail is important.”

Whatever the occasion, whether it is a corporate event, wedding reception or cocktail party, Marilyn can be found exceeding her clients’ expectations. When you book your event with Cuisine & Company, it’s an invitation to be a guest at your own party. Her business philosophy is simple. “At the end of the day, I want my clients to be happy. Success comes from helping someone else become successful. I want everyone to have the best.”


Stunning details, like this spun sugar ball, add flair to an already gorgeous sweets tray.

Fresh Food & Fresh Ideas

Both Cuisine & Company and sister company, The Garden Wedding Company, cook with a social conscience. “I mainly use organic and free range, and of course, source local whenever possible,” says Marilyn. “Our ethical food practices move us to create the highest quality seasonal dishes using the freshest ingredients; we grow our own edible flowers, herbs, heirloom tomatoes and kale.”

Showcasing her talents throughout the community, Marilyn has participated in the annual Flavours of Surrey, the biggest food and agriculture event in the city, preparing an array of dishes that focus on locally grown ingredients. Both companies’ community outreach extends to donating unused food whenever possible to the local homeless shelter, plus Marilyn sits on the board of directors of the Surrey Homelessness & Housing Society.


Marilyn’s trusty steed is just one part of her well-oiled, expertly organized catering company.