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Feeling the Christmas Bloat?

imageimageMerry Christmas and Blessed New Year to you and your family!

We had a wonderful Christmas dinner at friends Chalet in Whistler perfectly prepared by Chef Rob of the Hilton Hotel last night.  Thanks Rob!


Feeling the aftermath of  all that gorgeous food ?

here are a few thoughts

-Think of your meal as a ‘Tasting’.  There Are usually many different tempting foods to choose from, and of course we want to try them all!  Try putting a tablespoon or so of each item on your plate And eating with your left dominant hand.

-I try to stay away from carbs or white things, such as bread and potatoes…we all know that once we partake in these items, our GI hits the roof and we can’t stop eating them!

-if you find yourself unable to stop yourself from yet another shortbread, try a small handful of nuts or almonds. ( plain roasted if possible). I find this stops my cravings

– wearing snug clothes!  They will tell you when you’ve had enough! Ha

– today I’m eating plain organic yogurt with a bit of pure maple syrup and cinnamon.  Good as an anti inflammatory .  Silver hills thin slice bread and sesame seed butter and cinnamon.  Lots of caffeine free tea