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Food Bank Cooking Class for Seniors

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Our cooking demonstration at the Surrey Food Bank yesterday, was great fun!

Visiting with the guests was the best part, along with watching new friendships being made while waiting for their volunteer to help them with their shopping.

We used the recipes from the Food Banks own recipe book and ingredients they had on hand that day.

The Food Bank sometimes gets a bad rap as the misconception is that they do not offer healthy choices.  As you can see, they have an abundance of fresh orange tomatoes, artichokes (ok, so no one knew what they were called or what to do with them, ha ha… cut in 1/2 throw in oven… bake! or they make good decoration!)  Fresh carrots and mushrooms are just some of the selections the guests had to choose from that day.

Remember to give generously to your local food bank during the summer months !

10732 City Parkway
Surrey, BC, V3T 4C7

Tel: 604-581-5443
Fax: 604-588-8697

Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00am-4:00pm
Distribution Hours: Monday – Friday 9:30am-1:00pm