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Time to harvest your patio organic garden!

imageimageimageTake a sharp pair of scissors and trim your fine fresh herbs.  Lay out on a cooling rack placed on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper or tea towel and put in the sun to dry.  Once dried completely, pull back the leaves off the stem and store in zip lock bags, paper bags or jars, clearly labeled.

Don’t throw out the stems!  I keep them in a paper lunch bag, then pull them out to put under your roast ( lavender is great for beef ) or put in your coals when BBQing.  I generally put them under and on top of my roast for a beautifully infused jus.

trim your herbs regularly, to keep them growing.  Once they flower they are ready to finish their growing season.  Trimming them encourages the plants into continuous growth.

bring a bouquet to friends homes, they’ll love it!

happy gardening!

Chef Marilyn