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Beet Top & Tomato Pizza

These beets were planted in my window box last summer.  They have been thriving all winter long and are looking gorgeous with this lovely weather we’ve been having!  I use them as fresh garnish and for salads but today I’m adding them to my tomato, basil pesto and feta pizza along with some garlic chive that I picked from my garden that was planted probably 5 years ago at least!  Yum Yum

Plant something edible in your flower garden….and use it,  I dare you!!

Beet top Pizza Recipe:

1 bunch (handful) young beet tops

feta, basil pesto, cheddar, 2 whole grain tortilla shells, tomato, sundried tomato, sea salt or kosher salt, or Himalayan pink salt, organic virgin olive oil


place 1 tortilla shell on baking sheet and top with a light sprinkling of cheddar and chive

place the second tortilla shell on top to make a ‘sandwich’.  This is your crust!

brush a thin layer of basil pesto on crust.

top with whatever you have in your fridge as I did.

I had an old tomato which I sliced for the pizza, sun dried tomatoes sprinkled on top.  Salt & Pepper, feta, beet tops I cut with kitchen sheers right out of my hand onto the pizza.  The I ‘glued’ the pizza toppings with a light shred of aged cheddar cheese.

Pop in oven for 10 minutes right onto the pizza stone or tile (I keep both in my oven, helps with even cooking) at 400.  Don’t over cook, you just want the crust, crisp.

To Finish, drizzle lightly with organic extra virgin olive oil to release the flavors.  Slice and enjoy!

Serve a a single pizza or an appie!



freshly picked for my pizza tonight!  Planted last  summer

freshly picked for my pizza tonight! Planted last summer

garden beets.on pizza garden beets1