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Organic Italian Private Dinner for 12

Salad Fennel and orangescallop seared marinated wrapped in smoked salmon vanilla bean glazeitalian dinner.1 italian dinnerantipasto grilled artichoke and berata cheeseLamb, prosciutto, boconccini & spaghetti


As guests arrive

  1. Aperitif and Antipasti

Crostini, sexy olives, grilled artichokes organic olive oil and Himalayan sea salt, Burrata cheese, Gorgonzola  Fresh goat cheese (garlic  herb, natural and four pepper)

To Drink (non alcoholic):

Blue Italy sparkling water

  1. Electrolyte still water
  2. Lemon thyme soda non alcoholic, but you could add gin or vodka
  3. Watermelon cocktail

First course

Seared marinated  scallop wrapped in smoked salmon, Prawn Vanilla Bean Bisque, Purple baked Kale garnish

second course

Orange and fennel salad, purple kale chiffonade

Third course

Fillet Mignon Organic Beef Carpaccio, black truffle oil- aioli

Palate cleanser

Organic blueberry and Riesling Gelee


Lamb chops with prosciutto and marinated boconccini


Spaghetti in parchment paper

Roasted Balsamic Peppers

 To finish

Freshly made Proseco Sabayon over thinly sliced market fruits topped with whipped cream

Organic free trade Coffee organic earl grey tea service