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DIY Wedding Decorating Ideas

Outdoor table with hanging flowers, white dishware, champagne flutes, flower garlands, backyard party, dinner party

How to make flower garlands for a backyard party Simple pleasures: These pretty floral decorations can be hung on trees, draped on chairs or used to create a summery table setting Styling by Virginie Martocq and Julia Black Fri Jul 13 2012 share via email Outdoor table with hanging flowers, white dishware, champagne flutes, flower garlands, backyard party, dinner party enlarge Photo credit: Roberto Caruso Wow guests at your next backyard party with stunning floral garlands. We took our cue from traditional South Asian wedding decorations to create these colourful, inexpensive strips. Snap the heads off supermarket flowers like mums, marigolds or carnations, and sew them together with nylon thread and a needle. Hang them from trees or chandeliers, drape them over chairs or wind them around lanterns and votives on a table. Quick and easy: If you’re pressed for time, take your cut flower heads and scatter them at the centre of your table — you’ll have a colourful and pretty table setting instantly. Watch how we’ve done it below!

outdoor dining with hanging lights and candles in evening

1. Solar flare

Add some major drama to your greenery by potting them in stunning solar-light planters. Come night fall, these pots transform into gleaming lanterns that’ll show off your plants in style.

2. Go for votives

Flickering votive candles instantly create a warm, romantic look. Try lining them up along a rectangular serving tray as a stunning centrepiece, or arrange them in clusters around your deck for effortless outdoor elegance.

3. Hang your lanterns

How’s this for some seriously chic lighting: Dot your deck and trim your trees with jaw-dropping lanterns for an exotic, bohemian touch. Feeling crafty? It’s easy to make your very own hanging lanterns out of old mason jars — and you’ll get bragging rights, to boot.

4. Break out the Christmas lights

It’s official: Christmas lights aren’t just for Christmas anymore. Use your strands year-round to accent your deck, or wrap shimmering strands around tree trunks. Those snowmen won’t know what they’re missing.

5. Gleam up your green

Solar lights tucked into garden beds are a gorgeous way to make your garden come alive at night. Have a pond or fountain? Try placing coloured lights around the water to create a rainbow of reflections that’ll earn you oohs and ahhs.

6. Create a path

Just because it’s dark out doesn’t mean your yard has to be off limits. Invite guests to take a nighttime garden stroll by creating pathways flanked by twinkling lights. Choose solar-powered lamps on timers: they’re an eco-friendly way to make your lawn sparkle.

7. Keep it functional

Ensure your patio has plenty of functional lighting and you’ll never be caught in the dark. Place lights around your barbecue for impromptu late-night grill sessions, and always remember to provide ample lighting around stairs.

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