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Want your wedding guests to bring cash instead of gifts?! …. oh…

It only makes sense…. lots of cultures have been doing it for years and …. well…. it only makes sense!

Many young couples nowadays find the financial pressures of getting married and setting up home quite overwhelming. Many marrying couples are now asking their guests for a contribution in the way of cash or vouchers towards the cost of a honeymoon or buying their first home together.

maybe on the invitation you could have

Wishing well

Gift card or cash wedding registry

While it is now considered quite acceptable to do this, wording the request in a polite and un-pushy manner can be quite a challenge. The easiest way around this is to compose a short rhyme or poem that puts the request in a more acceptable manner. Here’s a few examples that you can either copy or just use as inspiration to compose your own unique verse.

We haven’t got a wedding list,
The reasons we’ll explain
It’s to save you all the hassle
As shopping is a pain.

We thought we’d ask you all
For something else instead
A small contribution towards
A holiday in the med.

So if you’d like to contribute
Towards our honeymoon
We offer you our heartfelt “Thanks!”
With love, the Bride & Groom.

for more verses…

We love you for helping us start our new life,
Our first days and weeks as husband and wife.
We’d love to buy a house, maybe one with a deck
So please don’t be shy about giving cash or a check.