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Inviting some children and not others to your wedding

Will It Look Bad if You Invite Some Children and Not Others?

Opinions vary, so it’s best to choose a clear rule and stick to it. Kaforey suggests drawing the line at immediate family, since most children who have wedding duties are close relatives, such as a niece or stepchild (but even these children don’t necessarily need to stay for the reception).

“If there are just a few children from different families, an age cut-off can work because these older kids are more likely to behave,” says Becker, adding that children’s manners are as important as their numbers. “But the more youngsters you have, the more their behavior will change. If you’re inviting 150 guests, and you have only two little girls that are 10 and 6, it’s darling,” she says. “But if you have 20 children that are 10 and older, you could end up with a playing field — and that might not be ideal.”