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Cuisine and Company says thank you to our valued Clients

Here at Cuisine and Company, we are most grateful and humbled by your continued support.  Our values are to give back to the community where we can, here and abroad.  Locally some of the societies we support are the White Rock and Surrey Food Banks, The homeless and Housing Society.  Abroad Cuisine and Company continues to support overseas children since the company began and will continue to do so.  This year we start the year off with a thank you to you, by donating money for birth certificates to overseas children, who without one have no identity.  The basic things we take for granted, like our IDENTITY is not a ‘given’ for some, in other countries.  For more information and to donate please see below.

Wishing you all God’s Blessings for the year ahead!  From The Cuisine and Company Team

…….” when we invest in someone elses life, we invest in our own”  Marilyn Pearson

GIFTS OF HOPE ,note from Plan Canada below….

It’s more than just a piece of paper. It’s legal armour: proof of existence, and protection against child trafficking, exploitation and abuse. A birth certificate also opens the door to social, educational and political rights. It’s a simple document we take for granted in Canada, but for the 48 million children who are not registered at birth each year, it’s a head start to a better life.

Your $25 gift is matched for a $100 value!