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It’s that time of year,Goblins. The air is crisp and cool and pumpkins are ripe in the fields ready for picking!
LOVE pumpkins, they all have a special personality of their own. It’s fun to choose from all the fun shapes and imagine how you’re going to carve them to make their personalities come to life. Thankfully the farmers are keeping the stems intact. What’s a pumpkin without a stem! Tray adding Gourds to your pumpkin display for a fun addition.
It’s helpful to cut into your pumpkin from the bottom so you have a nice clean look. You can drape the ‘interds’ out of the pumpkins mouth so it looks like he’s throwing up! ha ha
For lighting, candles seem to be a hassle. You can wind clear christmas lights around a bottle, place the pumpkin overtop and have the cord coming out the bottom or make a small hole from the back for the cord.
Pictures from Martha Stewart, see more ideas from her website
Happy Halloween!! Chef Marilyn