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Inaugural Donor to help ensure ‘Everyone has a home’

Inaugura l Community Donor profi leAward-winning Surrey chef, Marilyn Pearson, has proven
to be a leader in more ways than one. When we sat down
to work on our visioning process – including a donor
engagement strategy – Marilyn, who is also a Director of
the Surrey Homelessness and Housing Society, wasted no
time in putting her money where her heart is.
A long-time community volunteer and winner of the City
of Surrey’s Social Planning Award in 2003, Marilyn is no
stranger to the challenges facing Surrey. Marilyn’s gift of
$5,000 will provide a direct benefit to the community. Her
generosity will find a home in a Surrey-based project that
will help to end homelessness.
Marilyn maintains a blog that regularly features worthy
causes including initiatives aimed at solving homelessness
in Surrey. We thank Marilyn for her investment in Surrey
and hope she inspires others to think about how they can
invest in ending homelessness.
“Since I was young teenager I have
felt a deep connection with people
who are homeless. In this day
and age not having a home is just
My parents taught me the philosophy
of giving – it’s just a part of who I
am. For me, giving back is a personal
responsibility.” Marilyn