Marilyn’s Blog

Chef Marilyn’s start to each day

People often ask me what I start my day with.
It’s a bit long winded, so now my answer is “it’s on my blog”!

I call it ‘hippy food’… my boys call it P.O.W food : )
The experts might just call it SUPER FOODS!
First off
Hot water – it wakes up your liver and digestion
Greens – 2 tsp of greens powder in 1/4 cup Bremners pure blueberry juice.
Raw mineral and vitamin C powder from the naturopath
mix and enjoy- now you’ve got your vitamins and minerals

Organic Quinoa Oatmeal1 cup coconut milk or soy milk warmed to a simmer in a small stainless steel or copper pot (no aluminum) (organic quinoa oats found in organic bulk section of price smart and save on foods)
add 1 tablespoon goji dried berries
raw sugar and pure cinnamon from Watkins (without fillers or additives)
stir in oatmeal till it becomes thickened to your likening (about 5 minutes)
pour into cereal bowl
Add 1 tablespoon Kosher Chia seeds over top
(for omega-3, protein)
and organic large flake coconut, optional
and a little more soy or coconut milk if you wish!

Enjoy a healthy start to your day!