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Dr. Oz removes pesticides from fruits and vegetables

Doctor Oz did a segment called “Dr Oz’s Most Wanted” to list the top 4 fruits and vegetables that are contaminated with pesticides. One of the most valuable portions of today’s show, to me at least, was Dr Oz’s Recipe for a Home Solution to remove pesticides from your fruits and vegetables. The USDA measures the pesticides found on produce every year, according to Dr Oz’s guest Urvashi Rangan. Farmers use pesticides for many reasons, and it was really after World War 2 that we had developed chemicals for killing humans and figured out that if we diluted them and put them on our crops, we would be able to kill bugs… that sure does not sound appetizing to me. Organic farmers have found plenty of alternatives to pesticides and the more we support organic farmers by buying their produce, the cheaper organic products will become. It is up to us, the public, to demand that farmers stop using pesticides, or we will stop eating their produce. But that is my personal opinion, I wonder if Dr Oz would agree. Dr Oz said that when you go to the grocery, you should not look for perfect fruits and vegetables because those are less natural and not as good for you. Dr Oz showed how the pesticides on a strawberry gets into your system and can effect your auto-pilot system and cause blurry vision, it can make you have lung spasms similar to asthma, as well as a whole bunch of other negative effects. Home Solution Pesticide Wash
Dr Oz’s Dirtiest Fruits & Vegetables
1. Strawberries

The USDA found over 50 pesticide residues on strawberries that range from carcinogens to chemical that cause reproductive and developmental damage. Urvashi Rangan said that we do not understand the harm caused by combining multiple pesticide residues, but it cannot be a good thing. Dr Oz suggested soaking your strawberries for two minutes in a bowl of water and then rinsing them well before eating them.
2. Apples

Over 40 pesticide residues were found on apples and most varieties of apples have them. Also, most apples are waxed, which does not help when you are trying to wash them off. One solution is to peel an apple, or if it is unwaxed, take a good brush and scrub it. Dr Oz said that you should be able to smell the apple, and if not, then it is likely covered in wax.
3. Spinach

Over 40 pesticide residues are found on spinach, but its too soft to brush it. You can soak it, but it sits in dirt in the ground and is very close to the pesticides. Dr Oz suggested buying frozen spinach, because he said that when they wash and blanch the spinach, it takes off around 90% of the pesticides. My question though is why can’t we just wash and blanch fresh spinach if that is the case???
4. Peaches

Dr Oz can eat around 12 peaches at a time, but he said that in that quantity, the peaches cause gas. Too much information Dr Oz haha! Peaches are very soft skinned, and in general, soft skinned fruits are tougher to wash and pesticides can absorb through the skin. Produce like avocados or bananas are safer options if you don’t go organic.
Dr Oz’s Pesticide Wash Solution Recipe

Dr Oz said that if you are going to eat non-organic fruits and vegetables, you can help to wash your produce off by mixing together the following ingredients:

– 1 cup water

– 1 cup white vinegar

– 1 TB baking soda

– 1/2 lemon

Pour the solution into a spray bottle and spray your produce. Let the solution sit on your fruits and veggies for about 5 minutes before rinsing it off. Vinegar is anti-bacterial and lemon is a natural astringent. Fabulous home remedy Dr Oz!!!

Dr Oz: Home Solution Recipe to Wash Off Pesticides