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Store your seeds properly

Store Extra Seed Properly
Many gardeners have asked how to store leftover, unused seeds. Renee’s Garden seeds come to you with high germination rates, and most varieties will keep easily for the next growing seasons. (Several exceptions: onions, parsley, and lettuces do not always maintain their germination and are best purchased fresh each year.) The worst enemies of successful seed storage are humidity and heat. Never leave leftover seed packets outside in the garden or garage or in an unheated outdoor shed, because high humidity and dampness will ruin them. A sealed mason jar or freezer-weight ziplock bag is an ideal storage container. Keep seeds dry and in your coolest room. Plan to use them the next season.
Info from Rene’s Garden Website (love their seeds)
They have the best seeds in my opinion. I find they grow really quickly and are strong healthy plants. Also they all seem to sprout!! I don’t have alot of patience, I’m like a little kid waiting and watching for the seeds to grow moments after I’ve planted them….sad but true. Within 3 days they’re up! I’m a little parched and sleepy but they’re nice and strong and ready to go. : )