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Alexandra Cousteau Luncheon

Amazing women and an honor to hear her speak.
She is doing a tour called Blue Legacy Expedition Blue Planet 2010
She’s traveling across North America in a Bio diesel bus formally owned by Paul McCartney and John McCanin.
Alexandra feels it is important to speak to people directly, to get the message across, that we must protect our waters for our own existence.
We need our waters to live, to irrigate our produce and animals we eat, wash our clothes and dishes.
Alexandra meets with John Nightingale, Vancouver Aquarium president (at left), and John Yap, BC’s Minister for Climate Action (at right) at the Vancouver Aquarium on July 20th, 2010.

There is a huge island of plastic floating in the Atlantic twice the size of Texas and 100 feet deep. Animals feed on it and die of starvation with bellies full of plastic. This means we’re losing links in the food chain and the animals that fed on them become at risk of survival and so on.
She wants us to think before we purchase, dispose or use a product. Think about where it’s going to end up.
She wants people to engage in conversation and act.
It’s up to us!