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April 2010 – Winners of the Olive d’Or 2010 Olive Oil Competition

• Producers in the Spotlight – Brome Lake Ducks
• DOP Kolymvari Olive Oil from Terra Creta (Greece)
• Producers in the Spotlight – Elevages Périgord
April 2010 – Winners of the Olive d’Or 2010 Olive Oil Competition
On April 22, the winners of the Olive d’Or 2010 extra virgin olive oil competition were announced. 100 olive oils from 15 different countries were part of this fifth edition organized by SIAL Canada .
• The jury was chaired by Christine Cheylan, Ph.D., manager of an oil mill in France and an expert in olive oil tasting. The other members were:
• Andy Brasseur, consultant and conference speaker on awakening senses
• Thierry Debeur, food critic, president and publisher of the Guide Debeur
• Denise Langevin, CEO of Agroindustrial Nuevos Campos Limitada in Chili and trained in professional olive oil tasting, and
• Guy Rochon, founder of fine food store.
Producers in the Spotlight – Brome Lake Ducks
The Brome Lake Ducks farm is built on long-standing tradition. Established in 1912 on the western shore of Brome Lake, the farm is the oldest duck-breeding farm in Canada .
The company’s founder was an American from New York who chose to breed Peking duck —a large white duck with a yellow bill and feet, as well as delicious meat—which had been imported from China to the United States in 1873.
Later on, his son and heir carried out the rather odd yet very ambitious plan of moving the farm and its buildings to the other side of the lake during winter.
Since then, the Brome Lake Ducks farm has remained one of the largest employers in the area. The annual output of the company has increased five-fold in the past 15 years, rising from 25,000 ducks to more than 2,000,000 in 2006.
The facilities are HACCP certified.
DOP Kolymvari Olive Oil from Terra Creta (Greece)
Extra fine olive oil made from olives harvested in 2009.
Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) olive oil, it comes with a seal of security and a serial number allowing consumers to trace the product all the way back to the olive grove in Crete.
Very light and mildly fruity. DOP Kolymvari olive oil has been recognized as one of the best olive oils in the world.
Olive variety: Koroneiki.
Awards of excellence :
2007. First prize, Medium Fruity, at the 2007 Panhellenic Extra Virgin Olive Oil competition organized in association with the Greek Ministry of Development.
Producers in the Spotlight – Elevages Périgord
Specializing in duck foie gras, Élevages Périgord processes ducks from the egg to your plate!
Founded in 1993, Elevages Périgord in located in St. Louis de Gonzague in southwestern Quebec . It is the largest company in its category in Canada , and the second most important in North America .
Their processing plant complies with the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) and is monitored by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.
All their products are classified A for top quality.