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How to Plan a “Green” Party

We’re all becoming a little more conscience of the carbon footprint that we’re leaving behind. Whether it’s at home doing the recycling or travelling via transit to work. Many of us however don’t consider the possibilities of throwing a green party. Let’s look at different ways to become environmentally responsible while planning a fabulous soirée for our friends and family.

Wrapping paper: Give it up completely! Switch to reusable gift bags or shopping bags. You could also try using a beautiful scarf or Japanese pillowcase. For more gift bag ideas check out Solegear.

Invitations: Skip paper invites and switch to e-vites. You can design and manage your own personal invitations. Simply visit
e-vite. If you prefer hard copy invitations, make sure you use paper stock that is one-hundred percent post consumer recycled. Avalon Office in Kitsilano and Eastside Stationery on Commercial Drive both carry 100% consumer recycled stationery. Seed paper is a creative way to keep the party alive, literally. Seed paper is a blend of seed and post consumer content paper that can be planted to produce wildflowers. You can order from Botanical Paperworks, or purchase online at Fairware.

Lighting: If you’re entertaining outside of your home and are looking for rental venues, be sure to pay attention to the available natural lighting. If your event is during the day, try to find a hall that has lots of windows to save on electricity. Even check the position of the venue in relation to the sun. This can play a part in saving energy by keeping the room cool or heating it up, depending on the time of day that you choose to celebrate. If you’re having your party at night, consider using candles for that soft glow that makes everyone look gorgeous! Did you know paraffin is a waste product of the petroleum industry and releases carcinogenic toxins when it burns? Choose natural alternatives such as soy which are non-toxic, biodegradable and made from a renewable resource. Natural Beeswax candles are also a great option. They are a little more expensive but tend to last twice as long.

Gift Ideas: Try something different and give a gift certificate from Vancouver based The Art of Organizing, or try some local organic wines from Terry Bremner’s Wellbrook Winery in Delta .

Need more choices? Try Dream Designs on Commercial Drive for sustainable gifts, or your local bookstore for a copy of Ecoholic: When You’re Addicted to the Planet.

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