Vancouver catering menus

“Hors d’oeuvres are like little jewels. Each one is perfect!”

Our Hors d’oeuvres are presented with an artist’s eye, chef’s skill and a social conscience. We can design a menu to suit your individual taste, dietary requirements and budget.


Please note: Ingredients are based on availability and may be substituted without notice. All Hor d’oeuvre menus are based on a minimum of fifty guests. An extra charge of 20% will be added to events with less than fifty guests.

Please download a copy of our menus:

English high tea

An assortment of English tea sandwiches on banana leave leaf tiered stand

  • Chicken salad on endive, or butter lettuce cups
  • Mini quiche in phyllo
  • Cucumber and organic mint sips, or honey dew melon & sauterne wine
  • Fruit Skewers with organic basil
  • Scones
  • Mini pastries
  • Crème brulee in chocolate cups with cocoa dust
  • lemon sour cream mousse in phyllo
  • Champagne chocolate mousse in chocolate cups with white chocolate curls and maple balsamic reduction

The silk road

$10.95 per guest / 4 pieces per guest

  • Tandoori meatballs with caramelized purple onion & organic rosemary
  • Chicken Skewers brushed with a mint & basil pesto
  • Plump Masala tiger prawns
  • Vegetarian Syrian Bombolini (Baked cranberry & Gorgonzola phyllo purses)

Fusion cuisine

$17.70 per guest / 6 pieces per guest

  • Corn blini topped with lox, red onion and crème fraiche
  • Savory quiche with a selection of fillings topped with cambozola
  • Tender Scallops wrapped in maple bacon


  • Sips: Roasted caramelized winter squash soup in a shot glass
  • Chiffonaded Romaine hearts in a Parmesan tulle
  • Fig compote on a chevre tart

Exceptional taste experiences

$28.00 per guest / 12-14 pieces per guest

  • Risotto croquette stuffed with a goat cheese on a tomato fennel fondue
  • Prosciutto wrapped tender prawns
  • Sake glaze steak ribbons on bamboo skewers
  • New Zealand spring lamb lollipops with a mint reduction
  • Chicken satay with a peanut sauce
  • Seared fresh tuna on bed of roasted corn and avocado salsa
  • Fine cheese platter: A star on its own, or for those who prefer to end their meal with a savory selection of hard and soft fine cheeses, dried fruit and candied roasted almonds
  • Assortment of French pastries

Spring fresh cuisine

$16.95 per guest

  • Beet soup in a shooter glass with a sprig of dill
  • Organic herb mousse piped on an English cucumber pedestal and topped with shrimp
  • Smoked salmon floweret on a fluffy cornmeal petite pancake
  • Asiago fricos with romaine chiffonade & crouton point
  • Fig compote and chevre in a puff pastry or phyllo cup
  • Fresh spring rolls and dipping sauce

Pub night

$17.00 per guest / 9-11 pieces per guest

  • Mini beef and cheese burgers
  • Phyllo wrapped cocktail wieners
  • Tandoori chicken wings
  • Freshly made yam chips with mineral salt
  • Tomato and basil meatballs

Cuisine and Company client 2012 favorites


$2.95 – Organic herbed mousse piped on an English cucumber pedestal and topped with a shrimp
$2.95 – Smoked salmon floweret on fluffy cornmeal petite pancake
$2.95 – Smoked salmon floweret, crème fraiche on English cucumber pedestal
$2.95 – Masala prawns
$2.95 – Seared prawns with lime and sesame vinaigrette
$3.25 – Mini sliders: scallop with a maple teriyaki glaze or wild salmon with a cranberry glaze

$3.95 – Roast lamb chops with a rosemary and Dijon mustard or curry cream
$3.50 – Basil pesto and prosciutto wrapped chicken breast skewer
$2.95 – Yorkshire pudding with thinly sliced roast beef and aioli
$3.25 – Mini lean beef slider
$3.50 – Asparagus wrapped in prosciutto
$3.95 – Fresh seared tuna on a roasted corn salsa and tortilla points or yam chips.


$2.95 – Profiteroles with cream cheese and organic garden herbs
$2.95 – Syrian bombolini in phyllo, fine cheeses and fresh pomegranate
$3.50 – Lemon and Asiago risotto croquettes with a tomato & fennel fondue
$2.40 – Spinach, pine nut and feta galettes
$2.40 – Fig compote in phyllo with a caramelized balsamic fig
$2.40 – Bite size Calabrese salad with a balsamic reduction