Now that’s a thank you note!

August 15th, 2015

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Got this in the mail today… that’s an amazing thank you and I happen to LOVE caramels.

Love feeding my yoga girls… now I love it even more!



Homemade slider buns with Himalayan salt, black and white sesame seeds

August 13th, 2015

(Everything) Slider Buns


These buns are the perfect accompaniment to any and all burgers. With all the same flavors of your favorite everything bagels. What’s more, they are easy to make and delicious to eat just by themselves with butter (of course). We can’t forget about the butter. Make them full-sized for the perfect hamburgers or into mini buns for party sliders. I don’t really care what size you make them or what you make them for, just make them! Make them right now! Print the recipe and relish in the magic that is fresh homemade bread.

yield: 12 large burger buns or 24 small slider buns


1. In a small pot, combine the milk and diced butter. Heat over low heat until the butter has melted. Remove from heat and allow to cool down slightly. It should be warm but not too hot, between 105° to 115°F.  Sprinkle in the yeast and stir to dissolve. Allow to rest in a warm place for about 1o minutes, until foamy and frothy. I like to place the bowl in an oven that is turned off. Note: If the yeast doesn’t foam or froth, toss the mixture and start again.

2. In a large mixing bowl (or in the bowl of a stand mixer) stir together the flour, sugar and salt for a few seconds, until combined. Add the milk/yeast mixture and stir with a wooden spoon (or dough hook, if using mixer) until the dough is somewhat smooth and elastic, about 4 to 5 minutes. Transfer the dough to a lightly floured work surface and continue to knead by hand until the it is soft and completely smooth and elastic, another 3 to 5 minutes. (If you are using a stand mixer, just knead the dough on high for 3 to 5 minutes until it pulls away from the sides and is soft and smooth). Shape the dough into a ball and return to the mixing bowl that has been oiled. Turn it over to coat both sides and wrap tightly with plastic wrap. Place a damp kitchen towel over the bowl and allow to rest in a warm place for 1 hour, or until doubled in size.

3. Line two baking sheets with parchment paper. On a lightly floured work surface, roll out the dough into a 9 inch square and cut into 24 even pieces (if making large buns, cut into 12 even pieces). Roll the dough pieces one by one into a tight ball, between your palms or on a surface. Place the dough onto the prepared baking sheets, spacing them out evenly to allow room for spreading and baking. Cover the baking sheets tightly with plastic wrap and cover with a damp kitchen towel once more. Place in a warm spot and allow to rest for about 30 minutes, or until doubled in size.

4. Preheat oven to 375°F. Brush the rolls with the egg wash (egg yolks whisked with a splash of water) and sprinkle each, liberally, with sesame seeds, poppy seeds, salt, granulated onion and garlic. Bake for about 14 to 16 minutes or until golden brown and shiny or until their internal temperature reaches 190°F. Transfer the buns to a wire rack and allow to cool completely. Cut in half and use as burger buns or serve as dinner rolls. Can be stored in an airtight container or plastic bag at room temperature for up to 1 week. Enjoy!

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Canadian blue cheese from Ontario wins Best in Show!

August 13th, 2015

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UBC Botanical Garden & Edible Canada Present the ‘Taste of Terroir’

July 9th, 2015

Taste of Terrior Dinner image

The Freshest Ingredients in the Most Beautiful Setting

Event Details:
When: Thursday July 16, 2015,  6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Where: UBC Botanical Garden, 6804 SW Marine Drive, Vancouver, BC
Cost: $99 per ticket. Plus applicable taxes and processing fees.

Event Description 

Join UBC Botanical Garden in celebrating the International Year of Soil and learn, first hand, about how soil and climate influence the flavour and quality of your food. To celebrate the terroir of our region, Chefs Alvin Pillay and Sarah Stewart of Vancouver’s most iconic Canadian restaurant, Edible Canada, will be preparing a gourmet family-style feast featuring only the freshest locally-grown ingredients. Dinner guests are invited to sit back, relax and indulge in an outdoor evening of wine, music and decadence in one of Vancouver’s most beautiful hidden gems.

Chefs Pillay and Stewart have specially designed this delicious family-style menu inspired by plants grown in UBC Botanical Garden’s demonstration Food Garden. Highlighting edibles in-season, the menu will feature summer squash, black kale, white bean succotash, whole roasted beef striploin, cedar plank salmon, wild rice, field hens and more! Without giving too much away, diners can look forward to pickled roots, harvest dips, organic breads, honeyed goat cheese, heirloom carrots, summer radishes, sprouts, seeds, stone fruit and summer berry butter crust pies served with lavender whip cream.

Come and enjoy an exceptional evening surrounded by the lush landscape of the botanical garden. Live entertainment will be provided by gypsy jazz band Casa Rosa.

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Umberto’s Opens tonight!

June 30th, 2015


Umberto opens his new Restaurant tonight!

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