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The Apron Restaurant Review

I recently asked a friend of mine to take me on a date, and the restaurant I wanted him to take me to was The Apron in the Westin Wall Centre in Richmond. Yes, that is how dating is done now a days! A new member of our culinary team is part of the kitchen brigade at The Apron and I was keen to try it out.

Getting to the restaurant was nearly impossible, or maybe just for me? It’s at the north end of the #3 road in Richmond. What could be hard about that you ask? Well, by the time I had driven part of the way to the airport and seen the Olympic Oval, gazed at the Olympic rings while trying to follow the directions my date was giving me over the phone (yes I was driving while talking on my cell phone!) I was ready to drive to McDonald’s and scrap the date. In the end I parked at the Delta Hotel and he came and got me!

The Apron is located conveniently just inside the front entrance of The Wall Center. Two staff members were there ready to seat us in the completely empty restaurant. Our waiter was a bit nervous as the restaurant has just opened, but was very sweet and attentive. The bright lighting is not always welcome for women of a certain age (me) and in general softened lighting is always welcome in the evening. But with the restaurants modern chic and casual style it had an overall fresh feel.

The chef sent out a lovely starter for the both of us. Great presentation and the gesture was much appreciated. However, the taste was shall we say “wrong”. The point was not lost on me and it was a lovely way of saying thank you for coming to our restaurant.

We started with a Mediterranean medley of pita bread, marinated olives, Hummus and Baba Ganoush (my date ordered it) it was well presented and tasty.

For the Main I had a parsnip fricassee, yummy. You could see a lot of work went into putting this masterpiece together and it was not lost on me! Our vanilla Crème Brulee for dessert was the best I’ve ever had. I would say it’s even better than mine! It was so smooth, I didn’t know how they did it!

I’m not going into too much detail of the restaurant, and this is mainly because I didn’t intend to write about it, but in the end I had to because it’s a restaurant worth visiting. It seems decadent to be able to dress casual and enjoy a gorgeous meal prepared by a talented chef. Normally one would have to don a suit and a fat wallet to enjoy a dining experience such as this.

I’m still not sure why there was a huge monitor mounted into the wall with a video of a chef making an omelet for the entire time we were there. Was it just in case your date is a bore? Who knows, I must get out of the kitchen more…

The Apron Particulars

The Westin Wall Centre, Vancouver Airport
3099 Corvette Way
Richmond, BC

Telephone: (604) 238-2105

Daily Hours:

6:30 – 10:30
11:00 – 14:00
17:00 – 22:00

Parking: valet only
Atmosphere: contemporary
Setting: relaxed

From the website:

A journey of culinary delights awaits you in The Apron. Walking into the lounge you are greeted with a warm smile and embraced by the wonderful aromas from our West Coast fresh kitchen. Whether starting your day with our breakfast buffet or finishing it with the perfect glass of wine from our extensive wine list, we know your taste buds will be satisfied when you stay with us.